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The Baseclick cell proliferation kits are an efficient replacement for the anti-BrdU assay. Baseclick kits use incorporation of the nucleoside EdU into replicating DNA of live cells in a method similar to BrdU incorporation. Instead of antibody recognition with anti-BrdU, the assay uses efficient Cu-induced click chemistry to attach a fluorescent probe to the EdU. The EdU protocol requires fewer steps and is faster, taking ∼1 ½ hr total time (30 min for the click ligation). Assays are available in formats for imaging, flow cytometry, high throughput screening, and in vivo studies. Kits are also available with different fluorescent probes with excitation at 488, 555, 594, and 647 to allow multiplexing with other fluorescent probes.

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900750 (4-(2-(2-(2-Aminoethoxy)ethoxy)ethoxy)phenyl)(4-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)phenyl)methanone HCl salt ≥95% New C22H25NO5 · HCl
900919 Azidoacetic acid NHS ester New C6H6N4O4
900572 Biotinylated isoxazole 95% New C24H32N4O5S2
900751 Biotinylated-D-lysine TFA salt New C16H28N4O4S · C2HF3O2
900616 3-(But-3-yn-1-yl)-3-(2-iodoethyl)-3H-diazirine ≥95% New C7H9IN2
900606 Fmoc-Trp-BODIPY ≥95% New C45H39BF2N4O4
900865 4-Formyl-2-((trimethylsilyl)ethynyl)benzenesulfonyl fluoride ≥95% New C12H13FO3SSi
900617 (4-(Hydroxymethyl)phenyl)(4-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)phenyl)methanone ≥95% New C17H14O3
900914 Methyltetrazine-NHS ester ≥95% New C15H13N5O4
900894 Methyltetrazine-PEG4-NHS ester ≥95% New C24H31N5O9
900927 TCO-PNB ester ≥95% New C15H17NO5