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Synthetic Reagents

In collaboration with Professor Phil Baran, Aldrich Chemistry is proud to now offer the Aldrich Late Stage Functionalization Toolkit (ALD00444). This Toolkit provides screening quantities of our most popular and effective LSF reagents to date. Armed with this Toolkit, a researcher can diversify a heterocycle-containing small molecule into as many as a dozen value-added analogs.

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In addition to the diverse functionalization reactions offered in the LSF toolkit, Alcohol oxidation is one of the most frequently performed oxidation reactions in organic chemistry. In collaboration with Professor Shannon Stahl, Aldrich offers the Stahl Aerobic Oxidation Solutions: 796549 and coming soon, 796557. Both solutions contain 1-methylimidazole (NMI), 2,2?-bipyridyl (bpy), and either TEMPO or ABNO; just add the copper catalyst and your substrate.

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901464 2,2′-Bi-1,3,2-dioxaborinane ≥95% New C6H12B2O4
901584 15-Crown-5 solution 1 M in THF New  
901267 Hexamethylborazine ≥95% New C6H18B3N3
901592   Sulfur dioxide solution 0.5 M in THF New