Benzotriazole Amino Acids

Benzotriazole amino acids, or aminoacylbenzotriazolides, are versatile reagents for synthesizing peptides as well as their mimetics and conjugates. Benzotriazole amino acids have been used for the preparation of a diversity of derivatives including:
  • Polypeptidal benzotriazolides
  • Peptidomimetics, such as aminoxypeptides, depsipeptides and heterocyclic peptidomimetics
  • Tagged peptides and peptidomimetics, particularly those with fluorescent labels
  • N, O, S, and C linked peptide conjugates

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737801 Fmoc-Gly-Bt 97% C23H18N4O3
737798 Fmoc-leu-bt 97% C27H26N4O3
737763 Fmoc-Pro-Bt 95% C26H22N4O3
737720 Z-Gly-Bt 97% C16H14N4O3
737739 Z-Ile-Bt 95% C20H22N4O3
737712 Z-Phe-Bt C23H20N4O3
737704 Z-Trp-Bt 95% C25H21N5O3