Fluorination Reagents

For Fluorination, Difluoromethylation and Trifluoromethylation Chemistry

Fluorine-containing motifs are known to display unique chemical properties, especially in biological systems, and are crucial in the agricultural industry. Introduction of fluorine into bioactive compounds has been shown to be very effective in biological systems in regulating metabolism and also in drug discovery by improving the delivery and binding of pharmaceutically active agents to their specific targets. To facilitate the synthesis of fluorinated molecules, Sigma-Aldrich® provides a range of reagents and building blocks that are easier to handle than previous caustic sources of fluorine. Our expanding portfolio features a range of highly chemoselective and regioselective fluorinating, difluoromethylating (DFM) and trifluoromethylating (TFM) reagents, as well as a plethora of building blocks displaying popular fluorination patterns. Sigma-Aldrich® strives to move your research forward faster by helping you successfully achieve the synthesis of your desired fluorinated molecules.
Also view the following Fluorination Chemistry brochure, which provides a snap shot of useful reagents and building blocks that are available in the Aldrich catalog.