Standard Fmoc-D-Amino Acids

Fmoc based solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) is a preferred coupling strategy for many researchers due to the versatility, ease of use, and mild deprotection conditions. The importance of peptides in basic research and medicine makes SPPS an essential technique for building the necessary tools for studying anything from peptide structure and folding, to complex peptide/protein-biomolecule interactions. D-amino acids are often used instead of L-amino acids in SPPS to improve proteolytic stability of peptides or to produce negative control peptides, among other applications. Sigma-Aldrich is happy to provide a variety of Fmoc protected D-amino acids for your SPPS needs.

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47348 Fmoc-D-Arg(Pbf)-OH ≥98.0% (TLC) C34H40N4O7S
772003 Fmoc-D-Asn(Trt)-OH 97% C38H32N2O5
772011 Fmoc-D-Asp(OtBu)-OH 98% C23H25NO6
08503 Fmoc-D-Cys(Trt)-OH ≥97.0% (HPLC) C37H31NO4S
772038 Fmoc-D-Gln(Trt)-OH 97% C39H34N2O5
07697 Fmoc-D-Glu(OtBu)-OH ≥98.0% (HPLC) C24H27NO6
772046 Fmoc-D-His(Trt)-OH 97% (HPLC) C40H33N3O4
16905 Fmoc-D-Ile-OH ≥96.0% (HPLC) C21H23NO4
772054 Fmoc-D-Lys(Boc)-OH 98% C26H32N2O6
47378 Fmoc-D-Phe-OH ≥98.0% C24H21NO4
47532 Fmoc-D-Pro-OH ≥98.0% C20H19NO4
47311 Fmoc-D-Ser(tBu)-OH ≥98.0% (TLC) C22H25NO5
47312 Fmoc-D-Thr(tBu)-OH ≥98.0% (TLC) C23H27NO5
47309 Fmoc-D-Trp(Boc)-OH ≥95.0% (HPLC) C31H30N2O6
47319 Fmoc-D-Tyr(tBu)-OH ≥98.0% (HPLC) C28H29NO5
47481 Fmoc-D-Val-OH ≥98.0% (HPLC) C20H21NO4