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Oxidizer 0.02M Iodine for Expedite

Tetrahyrofuran/Water/Pyridine/Iodine 90.54/9.05/0.41/0.43 (v/v/v/w)

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L060080   Oxidizer   configured for PerkinElmer
configured for Polygen
L060060   Oxidizer   configured for ABI
L860000-HH   Oxidizer 0.02M   configured for PerkinElmer 8900
configured for Polygen
pkg of 6 × 200 mL (L860020-06)
pkg of 6 × 450 mL (L860045-06)
L060000-HH   Oxidizer 0.02M     pkg of 4 × 2 L (L060200-04)
pkg of 4 × 2.5 L (L060250-04)
pkg of 4 × 4 L (L060400-04)