6-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite

Key Features of 6-FAM
  • 6-FAM consists of one isomer derived from 6-carboxy fluorescein
  • Couples to the 5′-end of the oligonucleotide using standard synthesis protocols
  • Protecting groups on the fluorescein moiety are removed under standard conditions of cleavage and deprotection with concentrated ammonia
  • A detritylation step is not required since the fluorescein phosphoramidite does not contain a DMT-group
  • The labeled oligonucleotide is ready for use in most applications after the evaporation of ammonia—standard procedures can be used if additional purification is required
  • Lot-to-lot consistent purity and performance
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system since 1993

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M041130 6-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite C46H58N3O10P configured for ABI
M041180 6-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite C46H58N3O10P configured for PerkinElmer
configured for Polygen