Phosphate-On Phosphoramidite

Phosphate-ON phosphoramidite is a chemical phosphorylation reagent that can be employed to introduce a phosphate group at the 5’ terminus of an oligonucleotide. Chemical phosphorylation is a cost effective alternative to enzymatic phosphorylation methods, allowing introduction of terminal phosphate groups in high yields, at any desired scale.
Proligo Reagents’ offers Phosphate-ON phosphoramidite in powder form, enabling the dissolution of the reagent in acetonitrile to be easily monitored. The application of the reagent is fully compatible with standard cleavage and deprotection procedures at the end of oligonucleotide synthesis. Phosphate-ON phosphoramidite from Proligo Reagents comprises a thymidine nucleoside, which is removed from the oligonucleotide during the cleavage and deprotection process.

Key Features of 5’-Phosphorylated Oligonucleotides
  • Enables enzymatic ligation to the 3′- terminus of nucleic acids
  • Offers protection against exonucleolytic degradation
  • Provides oligonucleotide conjugation through activation with coupling reagents such as EDC

These features enable 5’-phosphorylated oligonucleotides to be used in applications such as molecular cloning and gene construction; ligase chain reaction; template directed ligation; oligonucleotide labeling with reporter groups, haptens and other modifiers; and oligonucleotide stabilization.

Key Features of Phosphate-ON Phosphoramidite
  • Fully compatible with standard phosphoramidite reagents and synthesis conditions
  • Compatible with dG(dmf) fast deprotection chemistry: the oligonucleotide can be cleaved from the support and deprotected in concentrated ammonia at 55°C in only 2 hours
  • Comprises a DMT-group for trityl monitoring
  • Dissolves easily in acetonitrile to a 0.1M solution
  • Powder format enables dissolution to be easily monitored and facilitates product handling
  • High coupling efficiency of >= 98.0% under standard DNA phosphoramidite coupling conditions
  • Cleavage of both phosphate protective groups through a ß-elimination process

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