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Alkyl Diversinates

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ALD00456 Sodium N-benzyloxycarbonyl-4-piperidinesulfinate C13H16NNaO4S
ALD00460 Sodium 2-(4-Bromophenyl)-1,1-difluoroethanesulfinate C8H6BrF2NaO2S
ALD00476 Sodium (4-bromophenyl)methanesulfinate C7H6BrNaO2S
ALD00288 Sodium tert-butylsulfinate C4H9NaO2S
ALD00484 Sodium 7-Chloro-1,1-difluoroheptane-1-sulfinate contains ≤15% sodium 7-(ethylthio)-1,1-difluoroheptane-1-sulfinate C7H12ClF2NaO2S
ALD00468 sodium (4-chlorophenyl)methanesulfinate C7H6ClNaO2S
ALD00466 sodium (2,4-dichlorophenyl)methanesulfinate C7H5Cl2NaO2S
ALD00290 Sodium 2,2-dimethylpropylsulfinate C5H11NaO2S
ALD00294 Sodium ethylsulfinate C2H5NaO2S
ALD00440 Sodium isopropylsulfinate C3H7NaO2S
ALD00438 Sodium (4-methoxyphenyl)methanesulfinate C8H9NaO3S
809101 Sodium 4-Methyl-benzenemethanesulfinate C8H9NaO2S
809098 Sodium 2-Naphthalenemethanesulfinate C11H9NaO2S
809063 Sodium 1-Phenoxy-methanesulfinate C7H7NaO3S
ALD00432 Sodium propane-1-sulfinate C3H7NaO2S
790796 Zinc benzylsulfinate C14H14O4S2Zn
792187 Zinc bis[(phenylsulfonyl)methanesulfinate] 95% (H-NMR) C14H14O8S4Zn
790788 Zinc chloroethanesulfinate 95% (NMR) C4H8Cl2O4S2Zn
791105 Zinc chloromethanesulfinate 95% (H-NMR) C2H4Cl2O4S2Zn
745480 Zinc isopropylsulfinate 95% C6H14O4S2Zn
791040 Zinc n-propylsulfinate 95% (H-NMR) C6H14O4S2Zn