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154393 4-Acetylbenzonitrile 99%
A6636 Aflatoxin B1 from Aspergillus flavus from Aspergillus flavus Green Alternative
A3940 1-Aminobenzotriazole Green Alternative
164267 3-Amino-2-naphthol 97%
A7005 β-Amylase from sweet potato Type I-B, ammonium sulfate suspension, ≥750 units/mg protein (E1%/280) Green Alternative
B11702 Benzoxazole 98% Green Alternative
281107 N-Benzoyl-L-threonine methyl ester 99% Green Alternative
264199 9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene 97%
C6506 4-Chloro-DL-phenylalanine Green Alternative
324612 (S)-(−)-3-Chloro-1-phenyl-1-propanol 98% Green Alternative
392731 (DHQD)2PHAL ≥95% Green Alternative
726095 (±)-Diethyl trans-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboxylate ≥98.0%
D3511 trans-4,5-Dihydroxy-1,2-dithiane ≥99%
419214 Dimethyl 2,6-dibromoheptanedioate 97%
D8130 5,5′-Dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) ≥98%, BioReagent, suitable for determination of sulfhydryl groups
208922 Ethyl acetohydroxamate 97% Green Alternative
394815 N-Maleoyl-β-alanine 97% Green Alternative
63675 (+)-Menthone analytical standard Green Alternative
N7004 β-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrate ≥96.5% (HPLC), ≥96.5% (spectrophotometric assay), from yeast Green Alternative
N2132 4-Nitrophenyl β-D-xylopyranoside ≥98% Green Alternative
N9284 Nitroreductase from Escherichia coli ≥90% (SDS-PAGE), recombinant, expressed in E. coli
N24609 Nitrosobenzene ≥97% Green Alternative
N2665 Nucleoside Deoxyribosyltransferase II from Lactobacillus leichmanii lyophilized powder, recombinant, expressed in E. coli
P33402 2-Phenylpyridine 98% Green Alternative
P8877 D-(−)-3-Phosphoglyceric acid disodium salt ≥93%, powder
P1152 Poly(Ala, Glu, Lys, Tyr) 6:2:5:1 hydrobromide Ala:Glu:Lys:Tyr (6:2:5:1), mol wt 20,000-30,000 Green Alternative
P4886 Poly-L-glutamic acid sodium salt mol wt 50,000-100,000 Green Alternative
P0275 Poly(Glu, Tyr) sodium salt Glu:Tyr (4:1), mol wt 20,000-50,000 Green Alternative
P6516 Poly-L-lysine hydrobromide mol wt 4,000-15,000 by viscosity Green Alternative
R2146 Radicicol from Diheterospora chlamydosporia solid Green Alternative
198994 Sodium 3-methyl-2-oxobutyrate 95% Green Alternative
S7571 Superoxide Dismutase from bovine erythrocytes lyophilized powder, ≥3,000 units/mg protein
226491 1,1,3,3-Tetramethylbutyl isocyanide technical grade Green Alternative
481394 Tetramethyltin 95% Green Alternative
656453 1,3,5-Tris(4-iodophenyl)benzene 98% Green Alternative
141003 4-Vinylanisole 97%