SnAP Reagents

In collaboration with Professor Jeffrey Bode, Aldrich Chemistry is pleased to introduce the SnAP Reagents. The SnAP Reagents alleviate the challenges of synthesizing novel saturated N-heterocyclic building blocks and allow for the direct synthesis of saturated N-heterocycles, which are compatible with a diverse range of aldehyde substrates.

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804088 SnAP 2-Spiro-(4-Pip) M Reagent C24H50N2O3Sn
804185 SnAP 2-Spiro-(2-Pyr) M Reagent C23H48N2O3Sn
804142 SnAP 3-Spiro-(4-Pip) M Reagent C24H50N2O3Sn
804177 SnAP 3-Spiro-(2-Pyr) M Reagent C23H48N2O3Sn
804150 SnAP 2,3-Bicyclo-(3,4-Pyr) M Reagent C22H46N2O3Sn
798894 SnAP DA Reagent C21H46N2O2Sn
798916 SnAP OA Reagent C16H37NOSn
798908 SnAP Pip Reagent C20H44N2O2Sn
798851 SnAP 2Me-M Reagent C16H37NOSn
798843 SnAP 3Me-M Reagent C16H37NOSn
798878 SnAP M Reagent 95% C15H35NOSn
798886 SnAP TM Reagent C15H35NSSn