Kwon Chiral Phosphines

The asymmetric phosphine-catalyzed synthesis of pyrrolines has been challenging due to a lack of efficient enantioselective phosphinocatalysts that support a diverse substrate scope. In collaboration with Professor Ohyun Kwon, Aldrich Chemistry now offers a collection of rigid, chiral [2.2.1] bicyclophosphines for the asymmetric syntheses of 1,2,3,5-substituted pyrrolines. These bicyclic chiral phosphines produce chiral pyrrolines, originally exemplified through the [3 + 2]-annulation of allenes and imines. In addition, they may also be used as nucleophilic chiral catalysts for the synthesis of other chiral molecules.

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798444 Endo-4-Methoxyphenyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine C19H22NO3PS
798436 Endo-1-Naphthyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine C22H22NO2PS
798428 Endo-2-Naphthyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine C22H22NO2PS
798363 Endo-Phenyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine 95% (HPLC) C18H20NO2PS
798746 Exo-4-anisole Kwon [2.2.1] bicyclic phosphine C19H22NO3PS
798339 Exo-1-Naphthyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine C22H22NO2PS
798347 Exo-2-Naphthyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine C22H22NO2PS
798371 Exo-Phenyl Kwon [2.2.1] Bicyclic Phosphine 95% (HPLC) C18H20NO2PS