Anteo Mix&Go Reagents, Activation and Coupling Kits

Anteo Technologies has developed liquid reagents for coating a variety of surfaces from glass to plastic to bind antibodies or other proteins. The reagents use metal polymers that allow binding to negatively charged residues on proteins. By binding through multiple ionic interactions, proteins are bound with overall high affinity but with minimal effect on activity. This allows for simpler protocols and faster workflows.
These reagents have been optimized for different surfaces. The Mix&Go products contain a liquid coating reagent which can be used to coat either flat surfaces or beads. The AMG kits contain the liquid coating reagent, optimized buffers, and low binding microcentrifuge tubes. Some AMG kits include magnetic beads validated to work for that protocol. The AMG kit for multiplex microspheres is designed for use with Luminex beads which are not included. The reagents and kits can be used in a variety of immunoassay and immunoprecipitation applications.
Product Highlights:
  • Increased antibody functionality
  • Faster preparation time
  • Low background noise
  • High reproducibility between experiments

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A-LMPAKMM AMG Activation Kit for Multiplex Microspheres  
A-LNPCKMP AMG Coupling Kit for 200 nm Magnetic Particles  
A-SMPCKMP AMG Coupling Kit for 1 μm Magnetic Particles  
A-VMPAKMP AMG Universal Coupling Kit  
A-PLSC010 Mix&Go Biosensor  
A-LMPN100 Mix&Go Micro  
A-SMPN100 Mix&Go Sub-Micron