dPEG® Compounds from Quanta Biodesign

These are dPEG® compounds from Quanta Biodesign that contain discrete length PEGs. This can improve reproducibility in experiments when compared to using PEGs of variable length. PEGS have high aqueous solubility and a substances aqueous solubility can be improved by attaching a PEG. Some of these compounds contain a single reactive end for attachment to proteins such as through amines or sulfhydryls. This list includes branched PEGs which are more compact than long linear PEGs. There are also compounds with two reactive ends for crosslinking. Some of the compounds have azide groups which can be attached to alkynes using copper click chemistry or to strained alkynes through copper-free click chemistry. Some of the compounds have a biotin on one end for capture by avidins. Overall the many options offered by these dPEG® products can enable a variety of biconjugation applications.

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QBD10109 Acid-dPEG®5-NHS ester C18H29NO11
QBD10119 Acid-dPEG®9-NHS ester C26H45NO15
QBD10127 Acid-dPEG®13-NHS ester C34H61NO19
QBD10067 Amino-dPEG®6-acid C15H31NO8
QBD10277 Amino-dPEG®8-acid C19H39NO10
QBD10287 Amino-dPEG®12-acid C27H55NO14
QBD10317 Amino-dPEG®24-acid C51H103NO26
QBD10907 Amino-dPEG®36-acid C75H151NO38
QBD10249 Amino-dPEG®4-OH C8H19NO4
QBD10240 Amino-dPEG®8-OH C16H35NO8
QBD10170 Amino-dPEG®12-OH C24H51NO12
QBD10868 Amino-dPEG®24-OH C48H99NO24
QBD10492 Aminooxy-dPEG®12-amido-dPEG®12-(m-dPEG®11)3 C136H270N6O66
QBD10502 Azido-dPEG®4-acid C11H21N3O6
QBD10512 Azido-dPEG®8-acid C19H37N3O10
QBD10513 Azido-dPEG®12-acid C27H53N3O14
QBD10514 Azido-dPEG®24-acid C51H101N3O26
QBD10523 Azido-dPEG®7-amine C16H34N4O7
QBD10524 Azido-dPEG®11-amine C24H50N4O11
QBD10525 Azido-dPEG®23-amine C48H98N4O23
QBD10501 Azido-dPEG®4-NHS ester C15H24N4O8
QBD10503 Azido-dPEG®8-NHS ester C23H40N4O12
QBD10505 Azido-dPEG®12-NHS ester C31H56N4O16
QBD10825 Biotin-dPEG®7-azide C26H48N6O9S
QBD10784 Biotin-dPEG®11-azide C34H64N6O13S
QBD10787 Biotin-dPEG®23-azide C58H112N6O25S
QBD10267 Biotin-dPEG®3-benzophenone C34H46N4O7S
QBD10219 Biotin-dPEG®4-hydrazide C21H39N5O7S
QBD10822 Biotin-dPEG®11-Lipoamide C42H78N4O14S3
QBD10201 Biotin-dPEG®3-MAL C27H43N5O8S
QBD10195 Biotin-dPEG®11-MAL C41H71N5O16S
QBD10785 Biotin-dPEG®23-MAL C65H119N5O28S
QBD10826 Biotin-dPEG®7-NH2 C26H50N4O9S
QBD10196 Biotin-dPEG®11-NH2 C34H66N4O13S
QBD10786 Biotin-dPEG®23-NH2 C58H114N4O25S
QBD11100 Biotin-dPEG®3-oxyamine HCl C18H35ClN4O6S
QBD11102 Biotin-dPEG®11-oxyamine HCl C34H67CIN4O14S
QBD10009 Biotin-dPEG®4-TFP ester C27H37F4N3O8S
QBD10008 Biotin-dPEG®12-TFP ester C43H69F4N3016S
QBD10007 Biotin-dPEG®24-TFP ester C67H117F4N3O28S
QBD10224 Bis-dPEG®5-NHS ester C22H32N2O13
QBD10246 Bis-dPEG®9-NHS ester C30H48N2O17
QBD10954 Bis-dPEG®13-NHS ester C38H64N2O21
QBD10015 Bis-dPEG®5-PFP ester C26H24F10O9
QBD10983 Bis-dPEG®9-PFP ester C34H40F10O13
QBD10984 Bis-dPEG®13-PFP ester C42H56F10O17
QBD10631 Bis-MAL-Lysine-dPEG®4-TFP ester C37H45F4N5O13
QBD10361 Diamido-dPEG®11-diamine C34H70N4O13
QBD10175 m-dPEG®4-amine C9H21NO4
QBD10278 m-dPEG®8-amine C17H37NO8
QBD10288 m-dPEG®12-amine C25H53NO12
QBD10318 m-dPEG®24-amine C49H101NO24
QBD10800 m-dPEG®8-Lipoamide C25H49NO9S2
QBD10801 m-dPEG®12-Lipoamide C33H65NO13S2
QBD10804 m-dPEG®24-Lipoamide C57H113NO25S2
QBD10745 m-dPEG®4-MAL C16H26N2O7
QBD10746 m-dPEG®8-MAL C24H42N2O11
QBD10289 m-dPEG®12-MAL C32H58N2O15
QBD10319 m-dPEG®24-MAL C56H106N2O27
QBD10211 m-dPEG®4-NHS ester C14H23NO8
QBD10260 m-dPEG®8-NHS ester C22H39NO12
QBD10262 m-dPEG®12-NHS ester C30H55NO16
QBD10304 m-dPEG®24-NHS ester C54H103NO28
QBD10363 m-dPEG®8-Propionaldehyde C18H36O9
QBD10424 m-dPEG®12-Propionaldehyde C26H52O13
QBD10364 m-dPEG®24-Propionaldehyde C50H100O25
QBD10181 dPEG®4-SATA (S-acetyl-dPEG®4-NHS ester) C17H27NO9S
QBD10184 dPEG®8-SATA (S-acetyl-dPEG®8-NHS ester) C25H43NO13S
QBD10852 dPEG®12-SATA (S-acetyl-dPEG®12-NHS ester) C33H59NO17S
QBD10306 m-dPEG®12-TFP ester C32H52F4O14
QBD10303 m-dPEG®24-TFP ester C56H100F4O26
QBD10213 Fmoc-N-amido-dPEG®4-acid C26H33NO8
QBD10283 Fmoc-N-amido-dPEG®12-acid C42H65NO16
QBD10313 Fmoc-N-amido-dPEG®24-acid C66H113NO28
QBD10075 4-formyl-benzamido-dPEG®12-EDA-MAL C44H70N4O18
QBD10081 4-formyl-benzamido-dPEG®12-TFP ester C41H59F4NO16
QBD10807 Lipoamido-dPEG®8-acid C27H51NO11S2
QBD10808 Lipoamido-dPEG®12-acid C35H67NO15S2
QBD10642 Lipoamido-dPEG®8-TFP ester C33H51F4NO11S2
QBD10814 Lipoamido-dPEG®12-TFP ester C41H67F4NO15S2
QBD10406 MAL-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 C106H202N6O50
QBD10819 MAL-dPEG®11-Lipoamide C39H69N3O15S2
QBD10314 MAL-dPEG®24-NHS ester C62H111N3O31
QBD10551 MAL-dPEG®4-TFP ester C24H28F4N2O9
QBD10552 MAL-dPEG®8-TFP ester C32H44F4N2O13
QBD10553 MAL-dPEG®12-TFP ester C40H60F4N2O17
QBD10554 MAL-dPEG®24-TFP ester C64H108F4N2O29
QBD10200 NHS-dPEG®4-biotin C25H40N4O10S
QBD10198 NHS-dPEG®12-biotin C41H72N4O18S
QBD10774 NHS-dPEG®24-biotin C61H87F4NO19
QBD10194 NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin (cleavable) C30H49N5O11S3
QBD10421 NHS-dPEG®4-( m-dPEG®8)3-ester C84H158N6O40
QBD10401 NHS-dPEG®4-( m-dPEG®12)3-ester C108H206N6O52
QBD10011 Phthalimidooxy-dPEG®4-NHS ester C23H28N2O11
QBD11135 Phthalimidooxy-dPEG®12-NHS ester C39H60N2O19
QBD10374 SPDP-dPEG®4-NHS ester C23H33N3O9S2
QBD10376 SPDP-dPEG®8-NHS ester C31H49N3O13S2
QBD10378 SPDP-dPEG®12-NHS ester C29H65N3O17S2
QBD10379 SPDP-dPEG®24-NHS ester C63H113N3O29S2
QBD10203 TFP-dPEG®4-biotinidase resistant biotin C31H44F4N4O9S
QBD10204 TFP-dPEG®12-biotinidase resistant biotin C47H76F4N4O17S