Sulfoxonium Ylides

Sulfoxonium ylides are highly stable carbene precursors that present a safer and superior alternative to diazo compounds. These reagents are well-behaved, typically crystalline solids that do not generate gases as byproducts, making them ideal for use in large scale processes. Sulfoxonium ylides have found broad application in metal-catalyzed C-H funtionalization for the preparation of a variety of heterocycles including indoles, pyrroles, indazoles, isoquinolines, and many more.

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905704 Dimethylsulfoxonium-(N-Boc(4-piperidinecarbonoyl)methylide ≥95% C14H25NO4S
905690 Dimethylsulfoxonium-2-(chloro)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C10H11ClO2S
905828 Dimethylsulfoxonium-3-(chloro)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C10H11ClO2S
905860 Dimethylsulfoxonium-4-(chloro)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C10H11ClO2S
905844 Dimethylsulfoxonium-4-(fluoro)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C10H11FO2S
905798 Dimethylsulfoxonium-(isobutanoyl)methylide ≥95% C7H14O2S
905771 Dimethylsulfoxonium-3-(methyl)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C11H14O2S
905682 Dimethylsulfoxonium-3-(pyridoyl)methylide ≥95% C9H11NO2S
905674 Dimethylsulfoxonium-2-(thiophenoyl)methylide ≥95% C8H10O2S2
905763 Dimethylsulfoxonium-4-(trifluoromethyl)benzoylmethylide ≥95% C11H11F3O2S