Amine Oxides

Amine oxide (also called amine N-oxide or N-oxide) is an oxide of tertiary amines. Amine oxides are used as protecting groups for amines and as chemical intermediates, are common metabolites of medications, and are amine-based surfactants. Amine oxides of anticancer drugs have been developed as prodrugs that are metabolized in the oxygen deficient cancer tissue to yield the active drug. Amine oxides are present in various formulations used in surfactants, in the textile industry as anti-static agents, in the rubber industry as foam stabilizers, in the polymer industry as polymerization catalysts, in anticorrosion compositions, in lime soap dispersants, and in deodorant bars as antibacterial agents.

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40236 N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine N-oxide solution ~30% in H2O C14H31NO