Lithium Catalysts

Utilizing a lithium catalyst introduces a powerful base and nucleophile into your synthetic reaction. Sigma-Aldrich offers lithium catalysts for C-C bond forming reactions employing lithium catalysis. Additionally, lithium compounds, such as lithium iodide or lithium bromide, can be used as reagents in various reactions including ester cleavages, decarboxylation reactions, epoxide ring-openings by cleaving C-O bonds, as well as mild Lewis acids and additives for organometallic-mediated transformations. Lithium catalysis enjoys a position as a basic component of synthetic organic chemistry.

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668052 Lithium fluoride fused (pieces), 2-15 mm, 99.995% FLi
223816 Lithium iodide hydrate 98% ILi · xH2O
213241 Lithium sulfide 99.98% trace metals basis Li2S