Silicates are organosilicon compounds, a majority of which are oxides, that are extensively used in materials science and engineering. Doped silicates confer specific properties to materials. Sigma-Aldrich offers silicates that can be applied to xerogel and silica sol-gel synthesis, formation of hexagonal mesoporous silica layers, to intercalate H+-magadiite, and to the study of mixed-metal bioactive glasses and other bioactive materials utilized in bioengineering.

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218472 Tetramethyl orthosilicate 98% C4H12O4Si
341436 Tetramethyl orthosilicate ≥99% C4H12O4Si
87682 Tetramethyl orthosilicate purum, ≥98.0% (GC) C4H12O4Si
679259 Tetramethyl orthosilicate deposition grade, ≥98%, ≥99.9% trace metals basis C4H12O4Si
393398 Tetramethyl-d12 orthosilicate 99 atom % D C4D12O4Si
131903 Tetraethyl orthosilicate reagent grade, 98% C8H20O4Si
86578 Tetraethyl orthosilicate ≥99.0% (GC) C8H20O4Si
333859 Tetraethyl orthosilicate 99.999% trace metals basis C8H20O4Si
235741 Tetrapropyl orthosilicate 95% C12H28O4Si
679240 Tetrapropyl orthosilicate ≥98%, deposition grade C12H28O4Si
T5702 Tetrabutyl orthosilicate 97% C16H36O4Si