Peptide Coupling

Peptide synthesis relies heavily on efficient and reliable coupling reagents. A low tendency for racemization is a key requirement especially for solid phase peptide synthesis. Sigma-Aldrich is a leading supplier of highest quality reagents for Peptide Synthesis in both research and large-scale quantities. Our broad assortment of versatile peptide coupling reagents such as carbodiimides, uronium-, and phosphonium-type reagents enable fast, efficient, selective and racemization-free condensations.

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COMU – Safer and More Efficient Peptide Coupling Reagent
Resins for SP Peptide Synthesis
Uronium and Guanidinium Salts
Also view the following Peptide Synthesis brochure, which provides an overview of the range of Peptide Synthesis products that are available in the Aldrich catalog.

Peptide Synthesis