Linkers and Crosslinkers

Sigma-Aldrich offers bifunctional and trifunctional linkers and crosslinking reagents for various conjugation applications.

There are numerous bioconjugation possibilities with our linkers and crosslinkers, offering potential for structural stability or assistance in protein-protein, protein-peptide and peptide/protein-small molecule interactions. Other applications include immobilization for assays or purification, as well as various peptide-nucleic acid and nucleic acid-nucleic acid conjugations, among many others.

Our homo- and heterofunctional linkers contain diverse functional groups, such as primary amines, sulfhydryls, acids, alcohols and bromides. Many of our crosslinkers are functionalized with maleimide (sulfhydral reactive) and succinimidyl ester (NHS) or isothiocyanate (ITC) groups that react with amines. A selection of mono-protected (Boc, Fmoc, and Cbz) linkers is also available.