Organogermanium compounds are interesting surrogates to more commonly used metals (e.g. tin, aluminum, zinc) as organometallic reagents. Organogermanium halides are proven to mediate synthetic applications in annulation processes, and organogermanium hydrides are formidable reducing agents, comparable to other metal hydrides. The lower toxicity of organogermanium reagents provides them as an alternative in cross-coupling reactions to more commonly used organostannanes. Lastly, organogermanium compounds can be used in materials science as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) precursors.

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211710 Trimethylgermanium bromide 98% C3H9BrGe
211729 Chlorotrimethylgermane 98% C3H9ClGe
401692 Diethylgermanium dichloride 97% C4H10Cl2Ge
396354 Tetramethylgermanium 98% C4H12Ge
396265 Bis(2-carboxyethylgermanium(IV) sesquioxide) 99% C6H10Ge2O7
429961 Triethylgermanium hydride 98% C6H16Ge
447609 Hexamethyldigermanium(IV) technical grade C6H18Ge2
425621 Diphenylgermanium dichloride 95% C12H10Cl2Ge
409170 Tributylgermanium hydride 99% C12H28Ge
288217 Triphenylgermanium chloride 99% C18H15ClGe
424838 Triphenylgermanium hydride C18H16Ge