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Organic Sulfates/Sulfites

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112704 Formaldehyde-sodium bisulfite adduct 95% CH3NaO4S
318183 Methyl sulfate sodium salt CH3NaO4S
50690 Glyoxal bis(sodium hydrogen sulfite) adduct hydrate technical, ~90% (T) C2H4Na2O8S2 · xH2O
G7208 Ethylene sulfite 98% C2H4O3S
166502 Glyoxal sodium bisulfite addition compound hydrate C2H4O8S2 · 2Na · xH2O
901275 Sodium ethyl sulfate ≥98% C2H5NaO4S
108618 Dimethyl sulfite 99% C2H6O3S
ALD00578 2-Bromopyridin-3-yl sulfurofluoridate 95% C5H3BrFNO3S
ALD00580 5-Bromopyridin-3-yl sulfurofluoridate ≥95% C5H3BrFNO3S
ALD00586 Pyridin-3-yl sulfurofluoridate 95% C5H4FNO3S
108790 Glutaraldehyde sodium bisulfite addition compound C5H10Na2O8S2
ALD00414 4-Nitrophenyl fluorosulfate 95% C6H4FNO5S
95528 Dipropyl sulfate allkylating agent, ≥97.0% (GC) C6H14O4S
ALD00420 2-cyanophenyl sulfofluoridate C7H4FNO3S
ALD00404 4-Cyanophenyl Sulfofluoridate 95% (GC) C7H4FNO3S
ALD00422 2-Formylphenyl sulfofluoridate C7H5FO4S
ALD00416 2-Methoxyphenyl sulfofluoridate C7H7FO4S
ALD00418 4-Methoxyphenyl ester fluorosulfuric acid C7H7FO4S
ALD00410 4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl sulfofluoridate C7H7FO5S2
71220 Sodium 2-ethylhexyl sulfate ~50% in H2O C8H17NaO4S
ALD00412 Ethyl 4-(fluorosulfonyloxy)benzoate C9H9FO5S
ALD00430 1-Naphthalenyl ester fluorosulfuric acid C10H7FO3S
ALD00424 2-Naphthalenyl ester fluorosulfuric acid C10H7FO3S
ALD00428 4,4′-Dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone bisfluorosulfinate C12H8F2O8S3
436143 Sodium dodecyl sulfate ACS reagent, ≥99.0% C12H25NaO4S
75746 Sodium dodecyl sulfate ≥99.0% (GC), dust-free pellets C12H25NaO4S
681806 Ammonium lauryl sulfate solution ~30% in H2O C12H29NO4S
293938 Tetradecyl sulfate sodium salt 95% C14H29NaO4S
CDS000697 Sodium hexadecyl sulfate AldrichCPR C16H33NaO4S
293946 Octadecyl sulfate sodium salt technical grade, 93% C18H37NaO4S
CDS009099 cholesteryl sulfate potassium salt AldrichCPR C27H45KO4S
805742   Sodium hexadecyl sulfate contains ~40% sodium stearyl sulfate