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Sulfur compounds containing sulfonyl functional group (-SO2-) attached to two carbon atoms are called as sulfones. These are generally synthesized from thioethers as their precursors by organic oxidation. They can form stabilized carbanions as intermediates for organic reactions. They have also been used in the synthesis of alkenes via Ramberg Bäcklund and Julia olefination reaction. They exhibit high strength and resistance to corrosion, oxidation, high temperatures and therefore, used as precursors to polymers to be used in the field of engineering plastics. Furthermore, some of these compounds exhibit antibiotic activity to treat pneumocystis pneumonia, leprosy, tuberculosis and dermatitis herpetiformis.  

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M81705 Dimethyl sulfone 98% C2H6O2S
8.03284 Dimethyl sulfone for synthesis C2H6O2S
247197 Methyl vinyl sulfone ≥97% C3H6O2S
709980 Ethyl methyl sulfone for energy applications, 97% C3H8SO2
CDS005167 2-aminoethylmethylsulfone hydrochloride AldrichCPR C3H10ClNO2S
B84505 Butadiene sulfone 98% C4H6O2S
8.21215 Divinyl sulfone (stabilised) for synthesis C4H6O2S
282839 Ethyl vinyl sulfone 97% C4H8O2S
544639 Methanesulfonylacetone 97% C4H8O3S
180084 2,2′-Sulfonyldiethanol solution 60-65 wt. % in H2O C4H10O4S
CDS000298 S-Propyl ethanethioate AldrichCPR C5H10OS
CDS011580 3-chlorosulfonyl-4-fluoro-benzoic acid AldrichCPR C7H4ClFO4S
CDS003205 3-(Chlorosulfonyl)benzoyl chloride AldrichCPR C7H4Cl2O3S
CDS002938 5-(Chlorosulfonyl)-2-hydroxybenzoic acid AldrichCPR C7H5ClO5S
CDS003862 4-fluoro-3-nitrophenyl methyl sulfone AldrichCPR C7H6FNO4S
481920 4-(Trifluoromethylsulfonyl)aniline 95% C7H6F3NO2S
669334 2-Bromophenyl methyl sulfone 97% C7H7BrO2S
556327 4-Bromophenyl methyl sulfone 97% C7H7BrO2S
339555 Bromomethyl phenyl sulfone 98% C7H7BrO2S
669342 2-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone 97% C7H7ClO2S
549037 4-Chlorophenyl methyl sulfone 98% C7H7ClO2S
324604 Chloromethyl phenyl sulfone ≥97% C7H7ClO2S
669385 2-Fluorophenyl methyl sulfone 97% C7H7FO2S
184330 4-Fluorophenyl methyl sulfone 97% C7H7FO2S
79179 Nitromethyl phenyl sulfone ≥99.0% (T) C7H7NO4S
68742 Methyl phenyl sulfone ≥98.0% (GC) C7H8O2S
CDS004952 2-(Methylsulfonyl)aniline hydrochloride AldrichCPR C7H10ClNO2S
CDS013669 4-bromobenzenesulfonyl acetonitrile AldrichCPR C8H6BrNO2S
CDS005847 2-Chloro-4-(methylsulfonyl)benzoic acid AldrichCPR C8H7ClO4S
CDS015506 3-chlorosulfonyl-benzoic acid methyl ester AldrichCPR C8H7ClO4S
CDS014869 4-chlorosulfonyl-benzoic acid methyl ester AldrichCPR C8H7ClO4S
241717 Phenyl vinyl sulfone 99% C8H8O2S
CDS003885 4-(Methylsulfonyl)benzaldehyde AldrichCPR C8H8O3S
CDS005484 3-chlorophenylsulfonylethanol AldrichCPR C8H9ClO3S
649252 4-(Methylsulfonyl)toluene 97% C8H10O2S
557560 Ethyl phenyl sulfone 97% C8H10O2S
368539 Methylthiomethyl phenyl sulfone 99% C8H10O2S2
CDS008511 2-aminoethylphenylsulfone hydrochloride AldrichCPR C8H12ClNO2S
CDS004083 4-methylsulfonylbenzylamine hydrochloride AldrichCPR C8H12ClNO2S
B102202 Butyl sulfone 99% C8H18O2S
419869 Ethynyl p-tolyl sulfone 98% C9H8O2S
06061 Allyl phenyl sulfone purum, ≥98.0% (GC) C9H10O2S
317713 Allyl phenyl sulfone 98% C9H10O2S
549304 4′-(Methylsulfonyl)acetophenone 97% C9H10O3S
539082 Phenylsulfonylacetone 97% C9H10O3S
234184 Methyl phenylsulfonylacetate 97% C9H10O4S
CDS013981 2-(4-methylsulfonyl-phenyl)-ethylamine hydrochloride AldrichCPR C9H14ClNO2S
CDS016714 3-(4′-chlorobenzenesulfonyl)butyric acid AldrichCPR C10H11ClO4S
CDS012689 4-[4-(chlorosulfonyl)-2-methylphenoxy]butanoic acid AldrichCPR C11H13ClO5S
CDS016281 3-(3,4-dimethyl-benzenesulfonyl)-propionic acid AldrichCPR C11H14O4S
151378 Bis(4-chlorophenyl) sulfone 98% C12H8Cl2O2S
F15145 Bis(4-fluorophenyl) sulfone 99% C12H8F2O2S
8.41368 Bis(4-fluorophenyl) sulfone for synthesis C12H8F2O2S
194115 4-Chlorophenyl phenyl sulfone ≥97% C12H9ClO2S
P35359 Diphenyl sulfone 97% C12H10O2S
8.03258 Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) sulfone for synthesis C12H10O4S
225045 2-(Phenylsulfonyl)aniline 97% C12H11NO2S
8.21073 4,4′-Diaminodiphenyl sulfone for synthesis C12H12N2O2S
CDS014761 1-(3,4-dimethyl-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid AldrichCPR C12H14O4S
423343 p-Tolyl [2-(trimethylsilyl)ethynyl] sulfone 98% C12H16O2SSi
CDS005154 ethyl 2,2-dimethyl-3-(4-chlorosulfonylphenyl)propionate AldrichCPR C13H17ClO4S
CDS000813 4-Acetyldiphenyl sulfone AldrichCPR C14H12O3S
15151 1,1-Bis(phenylsulfonyl)ethylene ≥98.0% (CH) C14H12O4S2
334162 trans-1,2-Bis(phenylsulfonyl)ethylene 98% C14H12O4S2
304123 2-[(Phenylsulfonyl)methyl]benzyl bromide 97% C14H13BrO2S
343528 Benzyl sulfone 99% C14H14O2S
392391 Di-p-tolyl sulfone 99% C14H14O2S
748560 N-Boc-α-(phenylsulfonyl)-4-chlorobenzylamine 95% C18H20ClNO4S
748552 N-Boc-α-(phenylsulfonyl)-4-methoxybenzylamine 95% C19H23NO5S
440949 4,4′-Bis[(4-chlorophenyl)sulfonyl]-1,1′-biphenyl 98% C24H16Cl2O4S2