Organometallic Reagents

With the demand to synthesize highly complex natural products and obtain new chemical structures for probing uncharted chemical space, organometallic reagents have become a critical partner in the formation of known bond formations (e.g. nucleophilic addition and substitution) and the development of new technologies in Organic Synthesis. Sigma-Aldrich® offers a diverse range of organometallic reagents that participate in cross-coupling reactions, for example:
  • Suzuki-Miyaura (Boronic acids and derivatives)
  • Kumada (Grignard reagents)
  • Negishi (Rieke® and Organozinc reagents)
  • Hiyama (Organosilicon reagents)
  • Stille (Organotin reagents)

Several other organometallic reagents are available to enable other widely applied cross-coupling reactions and facilitate the discovery of new bond forming methodologies.

Since several organometallic reagents (e.g. organolithium reagents) display high sensitivity to both air and moisture, Sigma-Aldrich provides top-quality packaging in Aldrich® Sure/Seal bottles to prolong the lifetime of these reagents. A growing list of organometallic reagents are also being transitioned into exclusive 25 mL Sure/Seal packaging with the priorities of reducing waste and decomposition of more unstable organometallic reagents by requiring fewer needle entries to consume the reagent volume.