Alkyl and Aryl Boronic Acids

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Alkyl and Aryl Boronic Acid are substituted boric acids containing a carbon-boron bond and represented by R-B(OH)2. They act as Lewis acids and due to its low inherent toxicity and relatively quick degradation in the environment, boronic acid is considered as a “green” compound. Sigma-Aldrich offers high quality alkyl and phenyl Boronic Acid to synthesize Boronic acid derivatives and for other chemical synthesis.

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165336 Methylboronic acid 97% CH5BO2
CDS003542 Ethylboronic acid AldrichCPR C2H7BO2
597988 Cyclopropylboronic acid C3H7BO2
648787 Isopropylboronic acid ≥95% C3H9BO2
646598 Cyclobutylboronic acid ≥95.0% C4H9BO2
346225 (2-Methylpropyl)boronic acid ≥95.0% C4H11BO2
163244 Butylboronic acid 97% C4H11BO2
687200 sec-Butylboronic acid ≥95% C4H11BO2
588415 Cyclopentylboronic acid ≥95% C5H11BO2
683671 Neopentylboronic acid ≥95% C5H13BO2
556580 Cyclohexylboronic acid ≥95% C6H13BO2
695009 6-Bromohexylboronic acid ≥95% C6H14BBrO2
CDS008083 2,6-dichlorobenzylboronic acid AldrichCPR C7H7BCl2O2
CDS004056 Cyclohexylmethylboronic acid AldrichCPR C7H15BO2
588423 Phenethylboronic acid C8H11BO2