Allenes, such as 1,2-propadiene and 1,2-butadiene, are becoming highly sought after building blocks for their ability to react with many different classes of substrates. In addition, the allene moiety itself is present in many bioactive natural products and pharmaceutical agents. Some advances include ionic addition; hydrometallation-, carbometallation-, or nucleometallation-initiated reactions; cycloisomerization and eliminative cyclization; cycloaddition; and cyclometallation. Due to their substituent-loading capability, the reactions of allenes may nicely show diversity in organic synthesis, and the axial chirality in allenes may open new doors on asymmetric synthesis.

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737577 2,3-Butadien-1-ol 95% C4H6O
694126 Methoxyallene technical grade C4H6O
110930 3-Methyl-1,2-butadiene 97% C5H8
736872 3,4-Pentadien-1-ol C5H8O
494992 Ethyl 2,3-butadienoate 95% C6H8O2
714984 Ethyl 2,3-pentadienoate technical grade, >85% C7H10O2
736899 Ethyl 2-methyl-2,3-butadienoate C7H10O2
736945 5-Methyl-3,4-hexadien-1-ol 95% C7H12O
715018 Vinylidenecyclohexane technical grade, 90% C8H12
720631 2-(Trimethylsilyl)-2,3-pentadiene C8H16Si
694118 Cyclohexylallene 97% C9H14
678554 Allenylboronic acid pinacol ester 95% C9H15BO2
724513 1-(Boc-amino)-2,3-butadiene 95% C9H15NO2
740632 N-Tosyl-5-methyl-3,4-hexadienylamine 95% C14H19NO2S