Quinuclidine, a bicyclic amine, has found numerous applications, most notably as a ligand employed in studies on the OsO4-catalyzed dihydroxylation of olefins. These nitrogen containing heterocycles have also been used to form onium salts for testing of PAC-antagonist activity. 3-Quinuclidinol is a synthon for the preparation of cholinergic receptor ligands and anesthetics as well as a catalyst for condensation of methyl vinyl ketone with aldehydes.

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Q1905 3-Quinuclidone hydrochloride 97% C7H11NO · HCl
125210 3-Chloroquinuclidine hydrochloride 98% C7H12ClN · HCl
197602 Quinuclidine 97% C7H13N
135917 Quinuclidine hydrochloride 97% C7H13N · HCl
253340 3-Quinuclidinol 99% C7H13NO
100358 3-Aminoquinuclidine dihydrochloride 98% C7H14N2 · 2HCl
M46128 2-Methylene-3-quinuclidinone hydrochloride hydrate 96% C8H11NO · HCl · xH2O
C005 3-Quinuclidinylxanthene-9-carboxylic acid hemioxalate salt C22H22NO5