Oxidizing Agents

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Oxidation is among the most common transformations in the scope of organic synthesis. As a result, the number of oxidizing agents at a chemist′s disposal number in the hundreds. However, the demands of synthetic chemistry dictate the synthetic chemist can always use a more specific, a more stable, or a milder or stronger oxidant.

Sigma-Aldrich® is pleased to offer an extensive breadth of oxidizing agents, from the broad oxidants like permanganate and dichromate to milder oxidants like Chloramine-T, and Dess-Martin periodinane (DMP). We also list radical oxidizers such as TEMPO and Fremy′s salt. If you are searching for an oxidizing agent that doubles as a halogenation reagent, such as SelectFluor®, please be sure to browse the C-X Bond Formation section of our online product catalog for more options.