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Nickel(0) catalysis simplified with bench-stable nickel(II) precatalysts

To expand the utility of nickel catalysis, Professor Timothy Jamison and his laboratory have developed a series of air- and water-stable nickel(II) precatalysts that are converted into active catalysts in situ. Rates are enhanced, and selectivity is maintained when compared to reactions with Ni(cod)2 – except no glovebox or schlenk techniques are required. These convenient precatalysts are offered with mono- and bidentate phosphine ligands commonly used in organic synthesis.

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Chemical Biology
Trifunctional building blocks for synthesis of chemical probes

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The design of chemical probes is not trivial. Because the modification of a small molecule with bioconjugation-enabling tags may have unpredictable effects on target binding and selectivity, several analogs are typically synthesized whereby subsequent assay screening reveals the ideal probe. To streamline the synthesis of individual probes and small libraries, the trifunctional building blocks each possess three components: a connectivity group, reactive group, and bioorthogonal handle. In this way, reactive groups and bioorthogonal handles are incorporated in one synthetic step, and similar connectivity groups (e.g. –OH, NH2) enable small library generation.

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