Azide Sources

Incorporating azido functional groups into organic molecules is becoming an increasingly important task as these moieties continue to impact organic chemistry as well as biology in uses ranging from amino group protection to chemical ligation. Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide selection of azide sources, from sodium azide to diphenyl phosphoryl azide, to facilitate azide synthesis and the preparation of tailor-made organic azides.

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762415 2-Azido-1,3-dimethylimidazolinium hexafluorophosphate 97% C5H10F6N5P
155071 Azidotrimethylsilane 95% C3H9N3Si
349488 Azidotrimethyltin(IV) 97% C3H11N3Sn
900891 Azo biotin-azide C33H45N9O7S
900912 Biotin picolyl azide C27H42N8O7S
178756 Diphenyl phosphoryl azide 97% C12H10N3O3P
480525 Lithium azide solution 20 wt. % in H2O LiN3
651664 Tetrabutylammonium azide C16H36N4