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The Sheppard Amidation Reagent, Tris(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)borate (Product # RNI00014), can be used to construct amide bonds directly from carboxylic acids and amines. Recently it was shown in the Journal of Organic Chemistry that aqueous workup and chromatography can be circumvented utilizing simple filtration through Amberlyst resins to obtain an array of pure amides.

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900566 Potassium 3-(hydroxy)benzoyltrifluoroborate ≥95% New C7H5BF3KO2
900403 SLAP HydroPyrrolopyrazine Reagent New C9H22N2Si
900755 SLAP TA 95% New C7H19NSSi
900814 SLAP TM ≥95% New C6H17NSSi