Other Palladacycle Coupling Catalysts

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718750 BrettPhos Pd G1, Methyl t-Butyl Ether Adduct may contain up to 1 mole equivalent of MTBE, 97% C43H63ClNO2PPd
900211   Buchwald Precatalyst C-N Coupling Validation Kit  
667315 Chloro(η2-P,C-tris(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphite)(tricyclohexylphosphine)palladium(II) C60H95ClO3P2Pd
655414 2-(2′-Di-tert-butylphosphine)biphenylpalladium(II) acetate 97% C22H29O2PPd
668923 Di-μ-chlorobis[5-chloro-2-[(4-chlorophenyl)(hydroxyimino-κN)methyl]phenyl-κC]palladium dimer 97% C26H16Cl6N2O2Pd2
668532 Di-μ-chlorobis[5-hydroxy-2-[1-(hydroxyimino-κN)ethyl]phenyl-κC]palladium(II) dimer 98% C16H16Cl2N2O4Pd2
36037 2′-(Dimethylamino)-2-biphenylyl-palladium(II) chloride Dinorbornylphosphine complex ≥99.0% (C) C28H37ClNPPd
44696 2-(Dimethylaminomethyl)ferrocen-1-yl-palladium(II) chloride Dinorbornylphosphine Complex ≥97.0% (C) C27H39ClFeNPPd
807850 DTBPF-Pd-G3 GT capsule C39H57FeNO3P2PdS
KITALYSIS-CN KitAlysis High-Throughput Buchwald-Hartwig Amination Reaction Screening Kit-Pack of 4  
KITALYSIS-CUCN KitAlysis High-Throughput Copper C-N Cross-Coupling Reaction Screening Kit-Pack of 2  
KITALYSIS-RCM KitAlysis High-Throughput Medium (5, 6, 7) Ring Closing Metathesis Reaction Screening Kit - Pack of 2  
KITALYSIS-BOR KitAlysis High-Throughput Miyaura Borylation Reaction Screening Kit-Pack of 2  
KITALYSIS-SM KitAlysis High-Throughput Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction Screening Kit - Pack of 4  
674125 Salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazone palladium(II) chloride 97% C8H8ClN3OPdS
804282 SPhos Pd G4 C40H50NO5PPdS