Chemistry Services

ChemNavigator Software and Tools

The iResearch Library™ is the most comprehensive database of chemistry for early stage discovery efforts, tracking over 95 million chemical products represented by over 55 million unique chemical structures. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis. You can rapidly explore a research hypothesis by purchasing existing chemical samples for testing rather than taking months to synthesize compounds in-house. Registration for access to the iResearch Library is simple and requires only a no charge-license agreement.

You can use this online access to search via substructure, keyword, or product name to find building blocks and compounds, create sets for your screening activities, and use the AldrichCPR service to buy your selected compounds.

Our ChemNavigator informatics software toolbox is also available by subscription for robust virtual screening, chemical data management, and compound library acquisition. These tools are designed to interact with the iResearch Library directly from within your research environment to complement the tools you currently utilize. Please contact ChemNavigator for additional information on our cheminformatics capabilities or a demo of our screening tools.