Chemistry Services

Compound Management

Sigma-Aldrich® uses our core operational strengths to drive your success.

  • Management of your compound or building block collections at dedicated Sigma-Aldrich facilities
  • Centralized and consolidated compound inventory
  • Filling and world-wide distribution of your compounds on demand
  • Management of all compliance and logistics issues
  • Protection of compound identities by non-disclosure agreement
  • ISO-certified storage and weighing areas
  • Secure, real-time inventory management

Sigma-Aldrich receives, consolidates and inventories your compound collections at our sites in Europe and the US.

  • We create a secure warehouse area for storing your collection – separate from other operations
  • Our team works with you to provide storage infrastructure and IT solutions
  • We receive your compound requests and pick, weigh, label, pack and make daily deliveries to your requirements
  • Sigma-Aldrich assumes day-to-day maintenance and daily operations of your compound collection

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