Drug Discovery

Rare Chemical Library

The Sigma-Aldrich Rare Chemical Library, originally called Alfred Bader Chemicals, began in 1966 as a part of Aldrich® Chemical Company. It was comprised of discontinued Aldrich compounds and other compounds and collections from numerous resources. These were sourced from The United States and Europe. In 1967, the first catalog was published and had approximately 6,000 compounds listed. The Rare Chemical Library now has over 150,000 compounds, which consist of the following:

  • Private and academic collections released upon the researcher's retirement
  • Products no longer available from the Sigma-Aldrich catalogs
  • One-time synthetic series from remote and obscure sources
  • Synthetic analogs and precursors

We continue our commitment to this unique service by acquiring new collections from around the world that are unlikely to be available form any other source.

The compounds in our Rare Chemical Library are offered in standard unit sizes ranging from 1mg to 1 gram. Custom requested sizes are also available through AldrichCPR.

These compounds are now included under the AldrichCPR brand adding a wide variety of functional groups, both aromatic and non-aromatic. To locate these products please use the search function. Or if you require an sd file of the complete library please contact us at AldrichCPR@sial.com.