Collaborative Chemistry

Value only begins with pricing. For us, real value is built on a deeper understanding of the customers we serve — anticipating what they need, how they need it and knowing what’s in their way. It’s a desire to make things better by ensuring we provide better ways for you to work and better ways to work together with us — from a streamlined proposal process or access to innovative new chemistry, to us, it’s all a part of becoming your primary chemistry provider, across every facet of your organization.

Help streamlining and designing bids

Request for bids don’t have to be difficult. Engage with us before the bid is written. We have information for common questions like:

  • What percentage of orders ship
    • Next day (no backorders)
    • Second day (no backorders)
    • Partial (i.e. with backorders)
  • Our process for handling backorders and customer notification
  • How will our company work with the university to ensure you always receive the most competitive product price on the market?

Online B2B ordering platform

We understand you are searching for efficiency and effectiveness in procurement management. We have developed a full range of e-commerce services designed to enable greater spend control for your procurement staff, and provide your researchers with ease of access to the products they’ve come to rely on.

Our e-procurement solutions are all about business intelligence and the empowerment of automated workflow that will lead to increased productivity in your organization. If you’re looking to reduce inventory, automate payments, increase procurement fiscal control, and/or reduce costs — we can tailor a convenient and cost-saving e-solution to fit your needs. We offer hosted catalogs, punchout systems, and PIPELINE.