Sustainable Chemistry


Sustainability in chemistry is essential – not only for our company, but also for our customers in research and QC. With our growing portfolio of greener laboratory chemicals, programs and services, we now offer even more ways to practice sustainable science together. Our solutions combine enhanced sustainability with exceptional quality, so they are better for the planet, and for your work. Discover how you, too, can practice big science with a reduced environmental footprint.

Your Opportunities for Sustainability

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Our Progress


From product development to disposal, we ensure sustainable processes for green chemistry. Discover how we integrate sustainable chemistry in every step of our product life cycle.

  • It starts with Design for Sustainability (DfS), a comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship of our products, which is incorporated at an early stage to ensure that biodegradable reagents and greener alternatives have sustainability at their core.

  • We also look past the product. Through our SMASH strategy, we’re setting new standards to shrink, secure, switch and save packaging, while still meeting performance and safety requirements. For example, by reducing the weight of our HDPE bottles by just a few grams, we save 120 tons of PE every year.

  • Even after our products have served their purpose, our commitment to responsible science continues through programs like the our Waste Score, which helps us identify areas where we can accelerate waste reduction, as well as material recovery and recycling.


Your Opportunities for Sustainability

There are many ways to make your daily lab work more sustainable. Even small steps help to reduce the environmental impact .

  • Switch to greener alternative products
  • Use products and services that support waste reduction or recycling
  • Implement processes or techniques that consume less or less hazardous chemicals.

Our greener alternatives are marked with a special icon, and fulfill one of the four criteria.