Bottles & Cans

We offer a variety of packaging options for your application. Whether you need your solvent packaging in glass bottle, PVC coated bottle, Sure/Seal™ bottle or aluminum can, we package and solvent dispensing options to meet your needs.

Amber Glass Bottles
PVC Coated Bottles
Sure/Seal™ Bottles
Aluminum Bottles

Packing for Bottles

Bottle/Packaging Specifications
For Amber Glass, PVC Coated, and Sure/Seal™ Bottles
Capacity Bottle Dimension
(H x D) cm
Closure Case Pack Case Pack Dimension
(L x W x H) cm
100 mL 11.91 x 5.51 33-430 12 x 100 mL 34.93 x 24.13 x 24.77
500 mL 18.75 x 8.81 33-430 6 x 500 mL 34.93 x 24.13 x 24.77
1 L 22.86 x 10.34 33-430 6 x 1 L 39.37 x 26.83 x 27.94
2 L 33.98 x 13.33 38-439 4 x 2 L 33.78 x 37.78 x 40.00
4 L 34.29 x 16.20 38-439 4 x 4 L 33.78 x 37.78 x 40.00

Amber Glass Bottles
Products available in Amber glass bottles
Our solvents are available in a variety of amber glass bottles. The inert composition of glass makes them ideal for storing and dispensing of high purity solvents.

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PVC Coated Bottles
  Products available in PVC coated bottles

To help prevent chemical spills, we provide solvents in shatter-resistant, poly vinyl chloride coated bottles. The plastic coating aids in absorbing some of the shock in the event the bottle is dropped and assists in containing the spill. Selected solvents are available in 100mL, 1L and 4L PVC coated bottles (refer to above Bottle/Packaging Specifications).

Hirschmann® Ceramus® bottle-top dispenser (Z34,147-9)
  • Chemically inert − unique ceramic dispenser piston in a Duran borosilicate glass barrel
  • Micro-step volume adjustment − ensures reproducibility
  • Rotates on the bottle − for convenience
  • Recirculation system − for fast priming without loss of reagent
  • Lifetime calibration − supplied with individual serial number and Test Certificate

HPLC Delivery Caps

For direct solvent delivery to HPLC instruments or simple pressure transfers. Each Delivery Cap includes 10ft. of PFA tubing. Caps require a GL-45 bottle adapter for use with 2L and 4L bottles.

Two-hole Delivery Cap (Z54,384-5)
Three-hole Delivery Cap (Z54,358-6)

Glass Bottles Storage and Dispensing Options

4L Bottle Jacket (Z25,636-6)

Provides virtually unbreakable, secondary containment for transport and storage of chemicals. Meets OSHA Laboratory Standards (29CFR1910-1450).

  • Rugged PE construction
  • Solvent labels and levels clearly visible through jacket
  • Convenient, handle-locking mechanism keeps top and bottom of jacket locked together

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Sure/Seal™ Bottles
Products available in Sure/Seal bottles

The Sure/Seal bottle incorporates the inert composition of our amber glass bottles with a time-tested crimp-top system. This design ensures the exceptional state of dryness achieved at time of purification is maintained throughout long-term storage and use.

Before filling, low levels traces of moisture are removed from the bottle through oven drying. The bottles are then filled under an inert atmosphere of dry nitrogen to prevent moisture build-up and sealed with our unique Sure/Seal liner and crown cap. Anhydrous and Biotech grades are available in 100mL, 1L and 2L Sure/Seal bottles (refer to above Bottle/Packaging Specifications).

Dispensing Methods for Sure/Seal Bottles

Standard syringe and cannula techniques are used to transfer the contents.
See Technical Bulletin AL-134.

Sure/Seal Transfer Accessories
CHEM-FLEX Transfer Line

Two 12-gauge SS needles (6 and 18 in.) are connected to the CHEM-FLEX 106 tubing with nylon clamps. Solvents contact only PTFE and SS during transfers.

Sure/Stor™ flasks (Z40,449-3)

Designed for safe, reliable storage and dispensing of air-sensitive and odoriferous chemicals, solvents, pyrophorics, alkyl lithiums, Grignards and corrosives.

  • High-vacuum PTFE valve-to-glass seal eliminates air contamination in storage and septum leakage after initial needle penetration
  • Heavy-wall borosilicate glass
  • Removable side-arm hose connector for easy attachment of vacuum and inert gas lines. For long-term storage, replace hose connector with a rubber septum for secondary protection.

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Aluminum Bottles

Products available in Aluminum Bottles

These one-piece seamless aluminum bottles are corrosion-resistant and U.N. approved.

  • Pure 1050A aluminum (min. 99.5%)
  • Polypropylene closure with PTFE liner
  • Anti-back off, tamper evident locking closure
  • Easily recyclable

Capacity Bottle Dimension (H x D) cm Closure Case Pack Case Pack Dimension (L x W x H) cm
1 L 24.3 x 8.8 32 mm 6 x 1 L 39.37 x 26.83 x 27.94
4 L 23.9 x 17.5 45 mm 4 x 4 L 36.20 x 36.20 x 39.37

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