Semiconductor Solvents

Electronic Grade Solvents are used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry including cleaning equipment, drying wafers and substrate deposition or removal. We have a large portfolio of high purity solvents to address the needs of the electronics market.

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40289 Acetone semiconductor grade VLSI PURANAL (Honeywell 17617) C3H6O
733466 Acetonitrile electronic grade, 99.999% trace metals basis C2H3N
40217 Methanol semiconductor grade PURANAL (Honeywell 17824) CH4O
40301 2-Propanol semiconductor grade VLSI PURANAL (Honeywell 17604) C3H8O
40219 2-Propanol semiconductor grade PURANAL (Honeywell 17829) C3H8O
40279 2-Propanol semiconductor grade MOS PURANAL (Honeywell 17930) C3H8O
733458 2-Propanol electronic grade, 99.999% trace metals basis C3H8O