Ethyl alcohol, Pure (Tax-Free)


First-Time Applicants for Tax-Free Ethanol
Customers wishing to order any of Sigma-Aldrich′s Tax-Free ethanol products are required to apply and obtain a valid Federal Industrial Alcohol User permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

The application process can be submitted by standard U.S. mail or via the TTB Permits Online process. We highly recommend new applicants review a Permits Online Tutorial for Tax-Free ethanol before applying. Customers that plan to follow the status of their permit application must submit and track digitally through Permits Online. Application tracking is not available for applications sent by standard mail.

Sample permit application documents are available below to help guide applicants through the permit process:

TTB F 5150.22: Application for an Industrial Alcohol User Permit
TTB F 5150.22 Example

TTB F 5100.1: Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials
TTB F 5100.1 Example

Once you have obtained a valid Federal Industrial Alcohol User permit, Sigma-Aldrich has Tax-Free ethanol options for you! When ordering any of our Tax-Free 140, 160, 190 or 200 proof ethanol products, please include your permit number on each Purchase Order and make sure the ship-to address exactly matches what is listed on your permit.