Spectrophotometric Solvents

Our Spectrophotometric solvents are excellent for applications requiring high-purity, low residue on evaporation and a clean UV spectrum. Each one is rigorously tested during and after production to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. Spectrophotometric solvents are available in amber glass bottles.

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366919 Chloroform ACS spectrophotometric grade, ≥99.8%, contains 0.5-1.0% ethanol as stabilizer 99.8 ACS reagent, Spectroscopy
493511 Ethyl alcohol, Pure 190 proof, ACS spectrophotometric grade, 95.0% 95 ACS reagent, Spectroscopy
156175 Hexane, mixture of isomers ACS spectrophotometric grade, ≥98.5% 98.5 ACS reagent, Spectroscopy
154903 Methanol ACS spectrophotometric grade, ≥99.9% 99.9 ACS reagent, Spectroscopy
256412 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene for HPLC, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
256374 2-Ethoxyethanol spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
256390 Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
293237 Ethylene glycol spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
256366 Ethylene glycol butyl ether spectrophotometric grade, ≥99.0% 99 Spectroscopy
295876 Formamide spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
259705 Methyl formate spectrophotometric grade, 99% 99 Spectroscopy
259691 Methylcyclohexane spectrophotometric grade, 99% 99 Spectroscopy
154806 N,N-Dimethylacetamide spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
154954 Pentane spectrophotometric grade, ≥99% 99 Spectroscopy
261734 Petroleum ether spectrophotometric grade   Spectroscopy
1.08239 1,1,2-Trichlorotrifluoroethane 1,1,2-Trichlorotrifluoroethane for IR spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 76-13-1, chemical formula ClCF₂CCl₂F., for IR spectroscopy Uvasol®    
07-2101 1,2-Dichloroethane for HPLC    
07-5390 1,4-Dioxane for HPLC    
03-4585 1-Butanol for HPLC    
1.06056 2-Methylbutane 2-Methylbutane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 78-78-4, chemical formula C₅H₁₂., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.00993 2-Propanol 2-Propanol for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS No. 67-63-0, EC Number 200-661-7., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
15-2211 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane for HPLC    
15-2360 2-Propanol for HPLC    
1.00022 Acetone Acetone for spectroscopy Uvasol®. Chemical formula CH₃COCH₃, molar mass 58.08 g/mol and CAS No. 67-64-1., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
01-0520 Acetone for HPLC    
1.00016 Acetonitrile Acetonitrile for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 75-05-08, molar mass 41.05 g/mol, and chemical formula CH₃CN., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
03-0910 Benzene for HPLC    
1.02210 Carbon disulfide Carbon disulfide for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 75-15-0, molar mass 76.13 g/mol., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.02447 Chloroform Chloroform for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 67-66-3, chemical formula CHCl₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
05-3450 Chloroform for HPLC    
1.02822 Cyclohexane Cyclohexane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 110-82-7., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
05-7070 Cyclohexane for HPLC    
1.06048 Dichloromethane Dichloromethane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 75-09-2, chemical formula CH₂Cl₂., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
07-2230 Dichloromethane for HPLC    
1.00930 Diethyl ether Diethyl ether for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 60-29-7, chemical formula (C₂H₅)₂O., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.02950 Dimethyl sulfoxide Dimethyl sulfoxide for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 67-68-5, chemical formula (CH₃)₂SO., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
07-4871 Dimethyl sulfoxide for HPLC    
1.00980 Ethanol Ethanol for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS No. 64-17-5, EC Number 200-578-6., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.00863 Ethyl acetate Ethyl acetate for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 141-78-6, EC Number 205-500-4, chemical formula CH₃COOC₂H₅., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
09-0730 Ethyl acetate for HPLC    
13-0381 Heptane for HPLC    
13-0850 Hexane for HPLC    
1.04718 Isooctane Isooctane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 540-84-1, EC Number 208-759-1, chemical formula CH₃C(CH₃)₂CH₂CH(CH₃)CH₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.06002 Methanol Methanol for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 67-56-1, chemical formula CH₃OH, molar mass 32.04 g/mol., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
19-2470 Methanol for HPLC    
1.04366 n-Heptane n-Heptane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 142-82-5, EC Number 205-563-8, chemical formula CH₃(CH₂)₅CH₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.04372 n-Hexane n-Hexane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 110-54-3, EC Number 203-777-6, chemical formula CH₃(CH₂)₄CH₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.02937 N,N-Dimethylformamide N,N-Dimethylformamide for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 68-12-2, EC Number 200-679-5, chemical formula HCON(CH₃)₂., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.07179 n-Pentane n-Pentane for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 109-66-0, EC Number 203-692-4, chemical formula CH₃(CH₂)₃CH₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.04907 Potassium bromide for IR spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.01984 tert-Butyl methyl ether tert-Butyl methyl ether for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 1634-04-4, EC Number 216-653-1, chemical formula (CH₃)₃COCH₃., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.00965 Tetrachloroethylene Tetrachloroethylene for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 127-18-4, EC Number 204-825-9, chemical formula Cl₂CCCl₂., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
1.08110 Tetrahydrofuran Tetrahydrofuran for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 109-99-9, pH 7 - 8 (200 g/l, H₂O, 20 °C)., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
30-0930 Tetrahydrofuran for HPLC, contains no stabilizer    
1.08331 Toluene Toluene for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS No. 108-88-3, EC Number 203-625-9., for spectroscopy Uvasol®    
30-3305 Toluene for HPLC    
1.08262 Trifluoroacetic acid Trifluoroacetic acid for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 76-05-1, EC Number 200-929-3, chemical formula CF₃COOH., for spectroscopy Uvasol®