Returnable Containers

From Research to Production scale volumes, our fleet of Stainless Steel Pure-Pac® Returnable Containers ensures your Sigma-Aldrich solvents maintain their high level of purity and dryness through a positive pressure, closed transfer design.

Adaptability, environmental issues, increasing operating costs and the need to find a solution for the inefficiencies of the 4L glass bottles make the Pure-Pac® an outstanding alternative to traditional solvent packaging. There are no empty bottles to rinse and dispose of and the larger batch size reduces the Quality Control burden.

Features of Stainless Steel Pure-Pac′ Returnable Containers from Sigma-Aldrich

  • Available in 18L containers for Laboratory, Development and Production scale (Inquire for product availability in larger containers from 50-400L)
  • Standard packaging selected Anhydrous and Biotech grade solvents
  • Stainless steel construction features ultra-clean and corrosion-resistant environment for high purity solvents
  • Larger sized returnable container reduces storage space requirements, analysis costs and solid and hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Enhances safety by eliminating glass bottles and allowing for a closed transfer system that minimizes exposure to the worker and the environment
  • Complete container specifications and "How-To" manual provided
  • Container is product-dedicated
  • No rental fee; only a refundable deposit

See Technical Bulletin AL-201 for detailed Pure-Pac® 1 operating instructions and accessories.
See Technical Bulletin AL-236 for Pure-Pac® 2 operating instructions and accessories.

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18L Pure-Pac
Pure-Pac 1