ReCycler Returnable Container Program

From Research to Production scale volumes, our fleet of Stainless Steel Returnable Containers ensures your MilliporeSigma solvents maintain their high level of quality and dryness from our dock to your workspace. Contact us today to learn how your lab may benefit from the ReCycler program!


Features and Benefits of the ReCycler Program


  • Containers are virtually unbreakable
  • Reduce risk of exposure to fire and hazardous chemical handling
  • Pressure relief devices prevent over-pressurization

Waste management

  • Containers are reusable
  • Avoid bottle and packaging waste
  • Consistent quality in larger bulk volumes

Product quality

  • Closed system from production to point of use
  • No contamination from air or moisture
  • Dedicated containers for high purity solvents

Process efficiency

  • Reduce exposure to chemicals
  • Decrease change-over times
  • Adapt to existing instrumentation in the lab (synthesizers, HPLC machines, etc.)


  • Minimize extra costs for contaminated bottle disposal
  • Reduce warehousing costs and footprint
  • Containers require <50 % of the space compared to equivalent volumes in bottles

Please visit our FAQ for additional information!