Solvent Center

EU Returnable Containers

Our demanding quality standards apply not only to the reagents themselves but also to the packaging they are supplied in; each material being carefully developed and matched to its product specification. We thus been using stainless steel barrels for various types of highly purified solvents for many years. The range of returnable stainless steel barrels currently comprises 10 liter, 30 liter and 185 liter volumes. The return of the barrels is mandatory and is handled with a deposit which is refunded when the barrel is sent back. 400 L and 1000 L containers are available on request. 

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel, due to its properties (e.g. its inertness), is an ideal packaging material, particularly with regard to the maintenance of the quality of solvents. Avoidance of interactions between solvents and packaging material.
  • Each packaging material is strictly safety tested by the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing of Germany (BAM) and designated as suitable for the transport of hazardous materials.
  • Design improvements combined with our withdrawal systems and safety accessories allow optimal removal of any residual quantities – minimization of the environmental pollution risk.
  • The usage of our withdrawal systems (e.g. direct connections to instruments, central lab supply) reduce the solvent vapors emitted to the environment during solvent usage.
  • Unbreakable properties of stainless steel barrels minimize the environmental pollution risks.
  • Returnable stainless steel barrels reduce the packaging waste and save raw materials.
  • Due to larger volumes longer runs of analysis are possible.


Total Solvent Management Solutions

With a comprehensive portfolio of solvents, containers, withdrawal systems and a multitude of accessories, we deliver total solvent management solutions for your applications. All components are fully compatible to permit safe, simple, and contamination-free solvent handling and withdrawal – for maximum protection of your lab personnel and the environment.

Flexible Withdrawal Options

Our broad range of withdrawal systems offers different approaches:

  • Direct withdrawal by manual pressurization
  • Direct withdrawal by connection to existing lab gas lines or cylinders of inert gas
  • Direct connection to instruments, e.g. HPLC system
  • Simultaneous maintenance of multiple laboratories
  • Individual installation according to your needs

Our withdrawal systems are perfectly suited to various containers and to the special requirements of high-quality solvent grades. All components are easily interconnectable thanks to a comprehensive selection of reducers, adapters and couplings. We also offer customized solutions for your individual needs – all the way to installing complete supply systems with central storage and supply and direct connection to your lab equipment.

Comprehensive Safety Equipment

Our essential safety equipment for barrels comprises, among others, self-closing nozzles, pressure relief devices, gas-reducing valves for your house gas feeding, and anti-static devices for earthing metal containers used with flammable solvents.

Measuring Filling Levels

Our unique laboratory sensor technology helps you to automatically monitor and manage filling levels in small containers, e.g. stainless steel containers from 10 l, according to your process requirements. Connected to the lab equipment or displays, level sensors react to low solvent levels by triggering an alarm, closing an actuator, or switching off a pump or instrument.

Please contact your local representative for further details.