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US Returnable Containers

Features & Benefits


  • Containers are virtually unbreakable
  • Avoid spillages due to bottle breakage
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Pressure relief device prevents over-pressurization
  • Reduce personal exposure to chemicals

Product Quality

  • Closed system from production to point of use
  • No contamination from air or moisture
  • Containers dedicated for high purity solvent use
  • Consistent quality for larger volumes


  • Containers are reusable
  • No waste of empty bottles
  • No need for additional packaging such as cartons and polystyrene


  • Minimizes extra costs for disposal of contaminated bottles
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Containers require up to 50% less space than equivalent volumes in glass bottles

Efficient logistics

  • Reduced handling of materials
  • Direct supply to central supply systems
  • Direct instrument connection available (synthesizers and HPLC machines etc.) Reduced change-over times of bottles or containers


Pure-Pac® and Pure-Pac® II Returnable Containers®

The Aldrich Pure-Pac® and Pure-Pac® II packaging/dispensing system provides a convenient method for storing and dispensing laboratory and development scale quantities of high purity solvents, fine organics, and other high hazard liquids. The properties of these products require the prevention of external contamination and/or personal exposure be kept to a minimum. Many of the liquids must be handled and stored without exposure to atmospheric moisture or oxygen.  Fortunately, the design of the Aldrich Pure-Pac® system allows ready and convenient transfer of these liquids.

Both the Pure-Pac® and Pure-Pac® II are constructed of 304 stainless steel.  Since this is a highly specialized, pressure rated container, a deposit is required upon purchase. Each container is stamped with a unique serial number, and a detailed individual history is maintained. If the container is returned empty and in good condition within six months by the purchaser, credit will then be issued for the deposit amount.

Click here
to view a demo video on proper dispensing technique for Pure-Pac II cylinders.


The Pure-Pac® 200L, 400L and 1250L are ASME Certified.

The Pure-Pac® containers are available in four sizes: nominal capacity of 18, 200, 400, and 1250 liters.

Specifications for the Pure-Pac® I Containers


  18L Pure-Pac 200L Pure-Pac 400L Pure-Pac 1250L
Total capacity,
20 230 438 1410
Working capacity,
18 200 400 1250
UN Specification UN1A1 UN1A1 UN1A1 31A/Y
ASME Code N/A Section VIII Div. 1 Section VIII Div. 1 Section VIII Div. 1
Maximum use pressure
10 15 15 30
Pressure relief
15 50 50 45
Maximum container pressure
100 50 50 45
Tare weight with valves (kg) 17 80 105 369
Shipping cube
L x W x H (in)
13x13x22.5 28x28x57 28x28x64 45x45x76
Fork truck/forklift access not included included included included
Nitrogen inlet/vent fitting 3/8" ferrule lock 3/8" ferrule lock 3/8" ferrule lock Swagelok QTM4 quick-coonect
Solvent outlet fitting 3/8" ferrule lock 1/2" ferrule lock 1/2" ferrule lock Swagelok QTM8 quick-coonect
Nitrogen flushing port fitting 3/8" ferrule lock 1/2" ferrule lock 1/2" ferrule lock N/A

Pure-Pac® II

The Pure-Pac® II Returnable Container is designed to be used with lower pressure applications (< 1 bar). This container requires the use of a Micromatic MacroValve Coupler to dispense material. Click on the Accessories tab for more information on the Coupler and other acessories.

Pure-Pac® II Coupler Configuration 
Pure-Pac® II Accessories

The Pure-Pac® II containers are available in three sizes: nominal capacity of 20, 50, and 200 liters.

Specifications for the Pure-Pac® II Containers


Pure-Pac II
Pure-Pac II
Pure-Pac II
Total capacity,
22 55 220
Working capacity,
20 50 200
UN Specification UN1A1 UN1A1 UN1A1
Maximum use pressure
5 5 5
Pressure relief
12 12 12
Maximum container pressure
40 40 40
Tare weight
7.3 14 45
Shipping cube
L x W x H (in)
11x11x20 16x16x23 24x24x38
Nitrogen inlet/vent fitting 1/4" FNPT 1/4" FNPT 1/4" FNPT
Solvent outlet fitting 1" MNPT 1" MNPT 1" MNPT

Kilo-Lab® Cylinders

The Kilo-Lab® cylinder packaging system and transfer procedure provides a safe and convenient method for storing and dispensing development and pilot-plant scale quantities of high-hazard and air-sensitive liquids. It provides for minimal exposure of product to personnel and for no exposure of product to air.

Sigma-Aldrich has a complete cylinder maintenance program to ensure that each customer receives a cylinder in the best possible condition. The Kilo-Lab® cylinder meets or exceeds all applicable shipping regulations.

Kilo-Lab® cylinders are made of carbon steel and are available in four sizes: nominal capacity of 18, 90, 200, and 400 liters.

   Kilo-Lab® Accessories
   Technical Bulletin AL-235 (538 Kb PDF)
   Technical Bulletin AL-263 (830 Kb PDF)


  18L Kilo-Lab 90L Kilo-Lab 200L Kilo-Lab 400L Kilo-Lab  
Total capacity, (L) 21 108 215.9 453.6 Kilo-Lab
Working capacity, (L) 18 90 200 400
DOT Specification 4BA240 4BW240 4BW240 4BW240
Maximum use pressure
50 50 50 50
Pressure relief (psig) 200 150 150 150
Maximum container pressure
240 240 240 240
Tare weight (kg) 10 35 100 162
Shipping cube L x W x H (in) 12x12x19 15x15x50 28x28x47 30x30x58
Nitrogen inlet/
vent fitting
1/4" MNPT 1/4" MNPT 1/4" MNPT 1/4" MNPT
Solvent outlet fitting CGA-510 (brass)
CGA-350 (stainless steel)
CGA-350 CGA-350 CGA-350



The NOWPak® II containers feature a precleaned, collapsible liner inside a returnable stainless steel container. The collapsible liner is constructed of a fluoropolymer in a cleanroom environment and are ideal for use with high purity solvents, HPLC mobile phase solutions and DNA reagents. The NOWPak® II can be equipped with a pumping or pressure dispensing head.

The NOWPak® II is designed for continuous pressure below 15 psig.

NOWPak Accessories


  20L 200L  
Total capacity, (L) 20.7 206  NowPak
Working capacity, (L) 20 200
UN Specification UN1A1 UN1A2
Maximum use pressure (psig) 15 15
Pressure relief (psig) 15 15
Maximum container pressure (psig) 15 15
Tare weight with valves (kg) 7.5  44.7
Shipping cube L x W x H (in) 11.1 x 11.1 x 19.91 23.94 x 23.94 x 39.45
Fork truck/forklift access Not included Not included
Nitrogen inlet/vent fitting 1/4" or 1/2" 1/4" or 1/2"
Solvent outlet fitting 1/4" or 1/2" 1/4" or 1/2"



Sigma-Aldrich offfers a broad range of fittings to increase the flexibility and ease of use for our returnable containers.


Pure-Pac Accessories
Pure-Pac II Accessories
KiloLab Accessories
Kilo-Lab Accessories
NOWPak Accessories
NOWPak Accessories

General Fittings
General Fittings
(Double ferrule, pipe thread
and hose barb)
Quick Connect Fittings
Quick-Connect Fittings
Transfer Lines
Transfer Lines

Cylinder Return Process

Sigma-Aldrich Returnable Containers are highly specialized pressure-rated containers that require a deposit due upon purchasing. This deposit will be refunded if all of the following conditions are met.

The Customer is responsible for all return freight charges.

  • Cylinder must be returned within six months of the date of shipping.
  • Cylinder must contain only residual material (less than one percent of the original volume).
  • Any remaining residue must be the product listed on the Sigma-Aldrich label on the cylinder.
  • Cylinder must be in good condition, with all valves in the closed position and all plugs or caps reapplied to valves. All product delivery apparatus must be removed (i.e. transfer lines, syringes, etc.)
  • No chemical residue can remain on the outside of the cylinder.
  • The customer is responsible for any events that occur during the return transportation of this cylinder. Cylinders containing residual material must be shipped in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Empty Returnable Containers should be sent to:

Sigma-Aldrich Returns
5485 County Road V
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

The customer is responsible for all freight charges. The customer may use the freight carrier of their choice for the return of cylinders. To confirm which containers are eligible for return, contact Sigma-Aldrich Technical Service at (800) 325-5832.

Click here to download a Cylinder Return Form which we have included for your convenience.


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