Stable Isotopes

Custom Synthesis and cGMP Capabilities

Contact Dr. C.T. Tan to discuss your
stable isotope compound needs.

Can't find the compound you need? Or, do you need a different isotope labeling pattern or different grade of material?

ISOTEC® has the most experienced team of stable isotope synthetic chemists in the industry, led by an impressive group of Ph.D.s., all experts in their fields.

We routinely design and execute multi-step syntheses of complex labeled materials, including metabolites and steroids, fatty acids, amino acids, reference standards, pharmaceutical intermediates and other bioactive compounds. With our on-site production capabilities and a large inventory of starting materials, we provide rapid and accurate results. We can synthesize quantities from milligrams to kilograms, provide S & P tested or GMP material, and can custom package. 

 Our Team

  • Ph.D. Scientists
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Masters, Bachelors-level chemists and technicians
  • Technical support, individualized for each specific custom synthesis request
  • Quality control and compliance experts

 Quality Control and Analysis Capabilities

Using controls throughout all synthetic processes ensures superior product quality, reliability, and consistency. Stable Isotope compound analysis requires specialized techniques. We are the experts in determining chemical purity and isotopic purity.

We have high-quality analytical instrumentation, such as high-field NMR and mass spec, and have decades of experience and expertise in analyzing stable isotope-labeled compounds.