Doubly Labeled Water

for Energy Expenditure Measurements

The doubly labeled water (DLW) method has greatly increased the accuracy and ease of total energy expenditure measurements. This method allows for the determination of free living energy expenditure using a non-invasive and innocuous technique. This versatile method has been used to study cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, as well as the nutritional requirements of healthy and diseased infants, children and adults. Additional studies have been conducted with animals as varied as honeybees and polar bears

ISOTEC is one of the leading manufacturers of DLW and can provide a unique set of services to facilitate your DLW needs. DLW can be blended to your specifications with custom labeling and packaging. To assure our material meets your high standards, it is submitted to rigorous Quality Control procedures. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us at 937-859-1808 or by email at

Technical Article:
Tools for Measuring Energy Expenditure (D.A. Schoeller, Ph.D.)

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608572 Deuterium oxide-18O 99 atom % D, 95 atom % 18O  
609757 Deuterium oxide-18O 75 atom % 18O, 99 atom % D  
608548 Deuterium oxide-18O 50 atom % 18O, 98 atom % D  
608556 Deuterium oxide-18O 5 atom % D, 5 atom % 18O  
329878 Water-18O (for PET), 97 atom % 18O  
487090 Water-18O 99 atom % 18O  
332089 Water-18O 10 atom % 18O  
603112 Water-18O 98 atom % 18O