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Drug Standards

Controlled Drug Standards Including Stable Isotope Labeled Standards

Isotopically labeled drugs are an ideal interal standard for drug screening with a mass spectrometer. The isotopically labeled drug exhibits similar chemical behavior to its unlabeled analog through the sample handling process. However, when used with a GC/MS, for example, the m/z difference due to the presence of the isotope will allow for accurate identification and quantification of the suspected drug in the specimen.

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610577 (±)-Cotinine-(methyl-d3) solution 99 atom % D, 1 mg/mL in methanol, drug standard
613347 Fluoxetine-d5 solution 98 atom % D, 1 mg/mL in methanol, drug standard
610658 Methaqualone-d7 solution 1 mg/mL in methanol, drug standard, 98 atom % D