Protein Expression Optimization

for Biomolecular NMR

Modern Biomolecular NMR techniques require the routine production of milligram quantities of uniformly enriched recombinant proteins for structural determination. Our proprietary complex growth media, ISOGRO, is highly effective at isotopic label incorporation as well as enhancing protein expression and can be utilized in two primary manners: as a stand-alone media or as a supplement to M9 minimal media.

The main advantage of using ISOGRO as a stand-alone media is the substantial increase in protein expression levels compared to M9. It has also been shown to improve protein yields up to 80% over other commercially available complex groth media. When used as a supplement to M9 media, ISOGRO is a cost-effective means of maximizing optical density and recombinant protein expression while decreasing lag time as much as 60%.

ISOGRO as a Supplement of M9 Minimal Media
ISOGRO as a Stand Alone Media

ISOGRO Complex Growth Media

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