Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Our biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing. We have customers in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals, and in industry. Over one million scientists and technologists use our products. Sigma-Aldrich operates in 36 countries and has 7,900 employees providing excellent service worldwide. We are committed to accelerating our Customer success through Leadership in Life Science, High Technology and Service.

Sigma-Aldrich (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. offers a highly motivational and rewarding working environment with attractive salary, benefits, retirement, relocation and incentive packages including tuition reimbursement. Sigma fosters the growth of employees in a culture of respect and dignity with ample opportunity for career advancement.

Sigma-Aldrich公 司是一家在生命科学领域有着领导地位且拥有高科技产品的公司。其生物化学,有机化学产品在基因组研究,生物技术,药物研发,疾病诊断及高科技化工生产方面 广泛应用。客户群广泛分布于生物技术公司,高校,政府机构,医院及工厂。数以百万计的科学家和技术人员使用我们的产品。Sigma-Aldrich公司已 在36个国家建立直销公司,在全世界有7900多雇员提供优质的服务。我们致力于通过我们在生命科学、高科技和服务领域的领导力加速我们客户的成功。


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